House Combining The Architecture And Nature

Architecture And Nature a wounder full idea for living in nature with a modest living style. I was invited by one of my colleagues to visit his avocado tree field and his G1 house. My colleague lives in Guayllabamba, Ecuador. Hence, I spent my holiday in Ecuador that year. My colleague picked me and my family at the airport. My family and I like to spend the holiday in Ecuador especially my children. My colleague wanted to show his contemporary house rounded by many avocado trees there. He is really proud of his field and of course his house. Actually he just moved there for a month. Moreover, it was still new for him and his family as well.

The House Architecture And Nature

The Architecture And The Nature

Ecuador is one of the countries that have fertile soil and warm weather. Hence, my colleague’s house is a combination of nature and the architecture concept. When we arrived in front of the house, I saw the twelve meters of an avocado tree as the starting point of the architecture. We walked to the terrain that has a triangular shape. I could see that the house design is adjusted to the composition of the original vegetation there. hence, the house looks balanced with nature. Moreover, I saw the wide house with wood material for the terrace deck and the windows.

More about the House

When I walked around the property, I saw the concrete wall for the house construction. I saw the white concrete wall combined with brown concrete walls and a natural concrete wall. I saw a better combination for the house in the middle of the avocado tree field. We arrived in front of the entrance door. We were a little bit surprised by the rotation wooden door there. We came inside the house and saw a modern design for the house.

Moreover, my colleague asked my family and I sitting in the living room. I looked at the house while I was standing in a long corridor. My colleague explained that he divided two sections for the house, the service, and the served sections. We sat in the living room as the served section. We sat on the white sofas. Behind us, I saw the wooden dining table and black dining seats. However, I had a wonderful experience in his house. (Research)


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