Nine Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Kitchen

Having a neat and tidy kitchen takes some planning and effort. You’ll need to have a place for everything, and you’ll need to keep everything in its place. As the saying goes, if you want it, you have to work for it. You may have the most ideally organized kitchen, or you may need to give it a bit more tender loving care, whichever the case may be, you’ll find some interesting facts about your kitchen and the treasure you have therein in this article. Best Cleaning Tips for home and kitchen. 

  • Cutlery isn’t just silverware.

If you’ve only considered silverware to be cutlery, you’re wrong. Cutlery isn’t just your knife, fork, and spoons; it’s also such things as a cross between a spoon and fork called a “spork” as well as a “Splade,” which is a cross that is a spork with a blade.

  • Mop up spills as they happen

Don’t let spills sit. The longer they sit, the harder they are to clean up. Clean them up as they happen, even if it’s only water. Place a wooden spoon across the top of a pan to help reduce spilling.

  • No tears: It’s an onion

If you dread chopping onions because they make you cry, take heart. Try cutting your onion under cold water to avoid the tears. Or, you can put your onion in the freezer for a time before chopping it, and that will also reduce your tears. Rub some lemon juice on your fingers to completely eradicate the smell when you’re done.

  • Eliminate freezer smells

Are you tired of that smelly freezer? Grab a sock and put some coffee grinds in it. Place it in your freezer and voilà’ no more smells. It doesn’t have to be a big sock. It can even be a baby sock.

  • Is your kitchen really clean?

Most people consider the bathroom to be the dirtiest room in the house. Guess what, they’re wrong. The kitchen sink is dirtier than even your toilet. Think about it; your kitchen sink can have up to 100,000 times more toxins than your bathroom or your toilet. Start a habit of sanitizing your sink several times a day.

  • Sanitize that cutting board

Your cutting board harbors more than 200 percent of the germs in your home. Keep your kitchen safe and healthy. Use separate cutting boards for raw and cooked foods. Wash your cutting board after each use with hot soapy water. Glass boards are safer than wooden ones as wooden ones can absorb liquids and be more difficult to clean.

  • Must-haves that you never use

Do you have must-haves that you never use in your kitchen? Are they taking up valuable space? You had to have a melon baller or that avocado slicer so that you had an up to date kitchen? This might rank right up there with that gym membership that you never use either. If you don’t use it at least once a year, purge it. Save your kitchen space for what you do use.

  • Make friends with your oven.

Do your baked goods come out too dry? Is your oven heating up correctly? Use an oven thermometer and check that your oven is heating properly before you bake another cake or batch of cookies. You may just find that that is why things aren’t getting done properly or, worse, are burning. If you decide on a new oven and are wondering which appliance manufacturer to choose, 

  • Freeze excess wines

Done for the evening but still have some wine? Don’t dump it out; freeze it for baking or adding to sauces in the near future. Just pop a few cubes into your next sauce, and you have an instant taste treat that perks any dish right up.

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