Dark kitchen cabinets can be awesome when being placed inside of the kitchen. The dark color of the cabinets is actually very popular. If you check on the images of kitchen design, you will realize one thing in common of most kitchen design. That thing is the color combination of dark and bright. If the cabinets are in dark color, the other things such as counter surface, backslash and others will have brighter colors. Don’t ever think that the dark wood kitchen cabinets will come in monotonous color tones because different woods will have different colors to be chosen and properly considered.

Kitchen cabinets in dark wood tones don’t always look like plain dark brown kitchen cabinets. The dark brown in walnut kitchen cabinets will certainly be different from the dark brown of mahogany. Even when woods come from similar type, there will still be slight differences in colors or textures. Genuine mahogany is different from mahogany khaya. There are several options of natural colors in woods that can be chosen such as the reddish-brown of the rosewood or the dark cherry kitchen cabinets. Playing with these colors and trying to find the best combination with the things surrounding them will be tons of fun.

Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinets

There are several options of dark woods. They can be naturally very dark and almost like black or maybe the darker tone of bright woods. The darkness brought by the woods will be different from one another. One thing for sure, everyone will want to check on the kitchen designs they have in their hands to make sure that the dark wood chosen will be the right one. Plenty of kitchen cabinets made of dark woods and they can be easily acquired.
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Chocolate Maple Glaze [M01]

Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets

A variety of woods have the color range from bright to dark. In order to choose the best wood natural color, you need to have an image of what you want to see in your kitchen. You need to properly match the color of kitchen cabinets with other prominent stuff such as counter surface or the backslash. Sometimes, combining dark and dark colors can be great. For example is dark walnut cabinets and counters being combined with dark natural stone tiles backsplash. It actually gives more natural vibe.
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Chocolate Maple Glaze [M01]

Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

If you wish to get sparks of reddish brown in your kitchen, dark cherry furniture can be considered to be chosen by you. The tone of dark cherry is interesting in its way and will definitely look great with variety of other colors especially the creamy color. Alternatively, you can choose other wood types with reddish brown color such as genuine mahogany. The beauty of naturally dark reddish brown is simply irresistible and will make the kitchen looks very elegant.
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Woods in natural dark colors of woods are charming and will be able to bring sophistication into kitchen. Expect the warmer and more natural feel inside of the kitchen. Embracing the natural color of woods is never a bad thing especially when you aim for the more natural feel. Of course, you need to consider the best natural wood tones in order to get the best atmosphere you intend to have and expect to get from your dark kitchen cabinets.

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